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Father's favorite food - Yan Chuan Roaster - Roasted Duck

My dad traveled all the way from West to the East to take away this roasted duck and pork from Yan Chuan Roaster situated in Ubi.

It's affordable price at $16 for one whole roasted duck and $22 for 1 kg of the roasted pork definitely make the trip worth it.

Roasted duck is definitely my dad's favorite dish!

This is only half a kg worth of roasted pork.

Best served hot after toasted in the oven. Happy Father's Day to all wonderful Dads around!

Contact information


Address: 809 French Road #01-43/44/45 Kitchener Complex Singapore 200809

Opening Hours ~ ​Mon - Sun: 11am - 9pm


Address: 3020 Ubi Ave 2 #01-111/113 Kampong Ubi Industrial Estate Singapore 408896

Opening Hours ~Mon - Sun: 7am - 7pm

Tel: 6747 2623

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