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Greyhound Cafe in Paragon [NEWLY OPENS]

Popular Fashion & Lifestyle Greyhound Cafe from Bangkok, opens its first restaurant at the heart of Orchard in Paragon. Offering Thai street food with chic ambience, it's no wonder people are coming in even after kitchen closed at 2.30pm on a Sunday.

Iced Tea and Iced Lemon Tea at $8.50 each.

The flavoured ice cubes make this normal drink looks special. The taste will not be diluted, I can see their standard in the effort they put in for their menu.

Thai-Noodle Tomyum Koong with giant river prawn at $19

The savoury taste make the broth addictive yet it is not spicy at all.

Thai Chicken green curry with toast $15. The portion is really small even though I wasn't expecting to share, but thick in coconut flavour and the toast is just nice, this was also like eating green curry in Singaporean style.

Tub Tim Krob $9 - this Thai dessert can never go wrong.

Nice ambience, great location, modern design, attractive menu and prompt service. I can see why I won't mind to come again although it can be too over-priced.

Greyhound Café Singapore Address: Paragon #01-25/25A Singapore 238859

Opening hours: 11am to 10pm daily. Tel: +65 6235 4078

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