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Malacca Food Journey 3D2N *Only at Jonker Street*

This going to be a long post for the 3D2N trip to Malacca. Being typical Singaporeans, we took a coach from Golden Mile Complex to Malacca. (Coach 707-inc) The coach is spacious and clean and cost at S$25 per person. However, it did not have a return coach back to Golden Mile Complex, so we took the Konsortium coach at S$32 per person.

For the accommodation, we booked at the Hatten Hotel, highly recommended by others.

This hotel is well equipped and spacious, we booked for two nights at about S$154.

I alway had problem sleeping during the first night whenever I travel but the pillow is so fluffy, I quickly went into a deep sleep till next morning.

The Hatten Hotel is within walking distance to Jonker street for about 10 mins. There is also a nice wellness spa and massage centre nearby the hotel, Scents and Senses. You can make an appointment prior to your trip through their facebook page to avoid disappointment as they are alway fully booked.

The Famous chicken rice stall was closed for the day by the time we reached around 2pm, hence we tried the A'Farmosa Chicken Rice instead.

1.4 Kampung Chicken (RM 13), Small Roast Pork (RM 9), Rice Balls (RM0.40) & Famosa White Coffee (RM 5.50)

These rice balls are machine made. Some of the rice balls are not fully cooked.

Mamee Mee Goreng with satay RM 8.80 = the noodle is tasty!

They sell mamee merchandise.

Next is the popular cendol at Jonker 88!

Sweet Gula Melaka cendol (RM 4) -Many bought home the gula melaka from here.

There is outlets in Singapore (Waterway point & Vivocity) so we decided to try the one originally from Malaysia. The aunty still warn me to be careful, it will burst in one bite. It really exploded inside my mouth when I take one bite, yummy! The filling is so generous I will love to have it again and again.

*Pls stand by tissue when eating.

We decide to go to this cafe because it provide free wifi.

Unique table number, have you spot it yet? Iced Hazenut Latte RM 14 and Long black RM 6.50 - the ambience in this cafe is great!

Looking around for this shop and found it! Located at Mahkota Parade, this cafe is very well-known for it's cake.

So many choices!

I should have try their original which is the famous one but I was craving for cheese cake.

Premium Cheese cake RM 14.60

Sparkling Lover in Paris RM 10.80 and Iced Gyuza Cham Tea RM 7.80

Colourful yet high quality temporary tattoo, I know this is no food related but it's really cool especially when you do not want to get a permanent tattoo. You can check The Ink Book for more information.

Life is short but you can alway enjoy.

Sorry I can't really remember but we ordered this platter for 3-4 pax at the Hard Rock Cafe and the waiter was patiently explaining to us which sauce to use on which sides.

For breakfast, we went to nearby Ah Hui Bak Ku Teh shop, no complaints but this is really not the BKT I was expecting. Special BKT RM 12.50

After queuing for 30 mins, this is the Hainanese Chicken Rice that is the popular one. Be sure to come before 12pm, if not it will be sold out.

Traditional family business.

The rice is all cooked inside and taste really good.

Durian cendol RM 5.90

There is many cafes to hop around in Jonker street.

Cascara Tea RM 16 and Durian Cake RM 12

so glad we came in here! I love the cafe style, very nostalgic. *Ps they have free wifi here.

Kaya Cheese Toast RM 7 - really huge portion, good for 3 pax.

Melaka Elvis RM 16 - the waiter mistook our orders but this pancakes smelled so nice that we didn't change the order.

We are lucky we have the whole cafe to ourselves.

The popular Dim Sum restaurant.

Waking up early in the morning to come down here for dim sum at Restoran Rong Mao. The dim sum range from RM 1.50/plate to RM 3.20/plate.