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Exploring our heartland - Jurong

What is a sunday better spend than lazing around? For a foodie like me, I spent it by exploring the hidden gems near my neighbourhood - Jurong.

For brunch, we came to Jurong East Street 32 Blk 303 for the prata. They are closed on every last Tuesday of the month and now operates from 7am to 11pm. This is one of the most crispy prata I had eaten that was served with special belachan chili at $1 for plain prata, $1.70 for Egg prata and $2 for cheese prata. So crispy it's irresistible!

For dessert, we went to Kim Lotus located at Jurong west street 41 Blk 463. Their extensive range of dessert at affordable price is the reason why customers keep coming, takeaways are included. Service was prompt and fast.

Ice Kachang -Brown sugar and Longan Ice Jelly (Both at only $4.50) Their servings of ingredients are generous.

For coffee break, we went to Time Table at Jurong west street 41 Blk 456. The place was already packed when we came and it was a bit too noisy. We just ordered cafe americano and caramel latte as we are already full. They do have electric plug here and I saw some of the patrons were studying. They have another outlet in East Village, Changi. For more information, please visit (here).

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