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89.7 Supper Club @ Changi

One of the popular 24-hours eating spot in the East, this place serve a wide variety of food from western, seafood, local cuisines and even dim sum.

Highly recommended Salted egg chicken ($15)

Prawn Omelette ($8)

Sambal Kang Kong ($8)

Fish & chip ($9) - a little disappointing, the portion of fries is not worth the value.

Plain Prate ($1)

The rest of the dishes are pretty average as compared to the salted egg chicken. If you are attending chalet nearby, this will be a good place to eat and chill with your friends.

89.7 Supper Club

Address: 5 Changi Village Road, #01-2035, Singapore 500005

Tel: 6214 1897

Opening Hours: 24/7 - Mon - Sun

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