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The use of robots and self automated machines is gradually becoming the norm in the local F&B In

Almost all food courts and hawker centre has a tray return station but it is not widely use by the people. Most of the time, we will still rely on the cleaners to clean our tables and return the trays. To solve this longstanding issues, F & B operator has turn to robots to do this task. Koufu recently tested the smart tray return robot at the Punggol plaza outlet.


The use of robots and self automated machine is gradually becoming the trend in the local F&B industry. Rong Heng Seafood restaurant at East Coast Seafood Centre also use robots to better serve customers and attract diners due to the novelty factor.


Not only in food court and restaurant, vending machine cafe (VendCafe) is also opened in HDB Estate in Seng Kang, serving hot meals and freshly-squeezed orange juice all day. There is no manpower needed and available 24/7 for convenience meals. Located in Block 320C Anchorvale Drive, VendCafe serve meals that cost between S$3.50 and $$5, and the menu rotates between a roster of 30 meals.


With the use of high technology that can be incorporated into our daily lives, wouldn't there be less human touch for the millennials?

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